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You just have to have the right team on board! Craig Lerch brings over 30 years of expertise in real estate to help you score the home you always dreamed of. 

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"Craig has been the biggest blessing in helping my husband and I find a house"

- Dawn S

- Dawn S. 

We currently live in NC and are relocating to PA - he has made finding a house in PA such a stress free experience. He has been so helpful every step of the way. He goes above and beyond - we’re so lucky to have met him!

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Craig Lerch Perfect home findEr Process 

Traditional Search

Craig Lerch uses his tools to build for you a custom home search that alerts you of activity in your preferred location. 

Off market Search

Craig Lerch reaches out to his vast network of home sellers and strategic partners to find you the perfect property before it hits the market. 


Craig Lerch uses his people skills to negotiate for you an amazing deal so you not only find the perfect home, but you are able to close on it! 

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NO ONE LIKES making an offer and getting rejected

Craig Lerch and his team take you through his proven process to not only find you the perfect home, but, makes sure you are the strongest on paper so your offer gets accepted! 



Upgrade to a new home


Find your dream home that fits your needs


Compete with confidence knowing you have a strong presentation and a team backing you


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Craig helped us buy our first home in a multiple offer situation.

HE knows the market and took care of us like family.

- Michael F.



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Discuss with Craig your questions, concerns and goals


Create Your Dream Home Search

Craig will create for you, your perfect home search


Get the Whole Team on Board

Craig and his team will go to bat for you making sure you present well to sellers to get your offer accepted! 

Past Sold Successes

Here's a map of just some of the homes Craig's clients purchased


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Craig cannot wait to answer your specific questions about your home's needs.  He is ready to start the conversation now!